"This is a first novel for author Jake Packard and he started off with a bang. I don’t know how to describe this book accurately. The Manhattan Prophet is listed as a fiction-fantasy, graphic narrative. Not quite Sci-Fi but not what I would typically think of as fantasy per se either.

It happens 40 years in the future in a post-apocalyptic New York City with a Christ-like figure emerging from Rikers Island prison with a message of love and faith amidst the increasingly violent and depressingly lost society with no hope.

This is a tale of Good VS Evil and reaches the reader’s greatest hopes and fears about where this country may be headed for. With all that is happening now with the economy, war and hardships faced by most of the world, it is a very timely topic and makes you think. It has lots of plot twists and surprises and has a little bit of everything thrown into the mix.

This novel is an easy read despite the subject matter and that is courtesy of Jake’s writing style. After reading this I look forward to more novels by Jake Packard just to see where he goes from here and if he maintains this style of writing." - Delaney Roberts, Delaney's World

"A great strength of the novel beside superb characters and excellent - however bleak - world-building are the locations, first and foremost NYC of course, but Boston, upstate NY and India too.

The Manhattan Prophet is also a page turner to boot that moves fast however disturbing and shocking some pages are and it has lots of twists and turns, mixing the expected from Salem (healing, message, followers) with a lot of unexpected stuff and with hints of even subtler goings on in the background.

Highly, highly recommended and one of the biggest positive surprises of 09 for me." - Fantasy Book Critic Read the full review HERE

"How far will mankind fall before it is obliterated and destroyed beyond return? What earthly and human barriers will be broken and eliminated before there is total annihilation and nothing left for testing, killing, to replenish and rebuild. Economic destruction, epidemics, diseases beyond proportion that spreads world wide, global warming and over population and worse: a nuclear blast that occurs and destroys our city and more leading to a chain of events that spreads throughout the word. This brings me to my review of a novel so unique-so far unparalleled and so frightening and thought provoking, the Manhattan Prophet by Jake Packard." - Fran Lewis, Bookpleasures Read the full review HERE

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