Discover one of the best fantasy novels published in recent years.

Good versus evil, of course, is a central theme of most fantasy novels. The Manhattan Prophet, a new book written by Jake Packard, is set in the near future of the mid 21st century, at a point in history when mankind finds itself on the brink of extinction because of a limited nuclear war and the ongoing environmental disasters due to industrial neglect and global warming. Like all great fantasy novels, This is one of those fantasy novels that tackles big topics - - science versus faith, evolution versus creationism, and spirituality versus blind consumerism, in an epic fantasy novel perfect for the complex times we live in now.

Similar to all fantasy novels, it has a hero, the young Salem Jones, who has to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. Born in prison, he was kept behind bars his entire childhood by a post-nuclear war, fascistic legal system and was raised in jail by some of New York City’s most sinister criminals. Released on his 21st birthday by New York’s humanistic mayor, he is a stranger to society. He melts into the swarming masses of New York’s poverty stricken and disease ridden homeless populations living in quarantine on the land once known as Central Park. In that walled off ghetto, a spiritual movement based on Salem’s teachings grows so powerful that it frightens the world’s leaders who intend to destroy him and his followers no matter what the cost.

Like many fantasy novels it is set against unstoppable historic forces, there is a great love interest that ignites between two of the main characters who are part of an international news team in charge of getting the first exclusive interview with Salem Jones after being released from prison. As unexplained “miracles” happen in front of their eyes, the unexplained miracle of their unique, singular identities become interwoven into the amazing events of those astonishing few days.

This novel is unlike most fantasy novels because center stage it is a journey into the future of our collective souls, one with surprising twists and turns right up to the very last page.

The Manhattan Prophet, by Jake Packard, is one of those rare, modern fantasy novels that will not only captivate you, and entertain you, but it will also give you a plausible framework from which to launch your own modern miracles.

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