About the Book

Thank you for your interest in my book, The Manhattan Prophet.  For those who want to know a little about it before reading it, I think it might be helpful to let you know what to expect by first telling you what not to expect. Do not expect a whodunit, or a murder mystery with a hero cop with a big heart who was recently widowed, or had a drinking problem, or an authority problem, or a communication problem, in fact there is no hero cop at all, or hero FBI agent, or for that matter no heroine FBI agent. Also, do not expect a romantic novel with layers of psychological/emotional meanderings about human behavior and motivation, rational or irrational. And even though it has a futuristic setting, do not expect a science fiction novel with flying cars and techno gizmos that are ‘out of this world’. Finally, despite its name, do not expect a modern quest for bloodlines to past prophets of organized religions, besides that has been done before, and quite well. I think you’ll find that The Manhattan Prophet has elements of all those kinds of stories, but it doesn’t easily fall into any typical genre because of the nature of what the story is about.

The Manhattan Prophet is a story of possibilities, with the belief that mankind’s better nature, its soulful, spiritual side, is where the answer lies to all the enormous problems that loom in our near future - - global warming, over-population, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, famine, drought and epidemic disease. The premise is that the combination of blind trust in science and technology, plus the programmed nature of faith complicit in organized religion, especially in its fundamentalist form, are the main culprits for this planetary mess we are about to face according to the soothsayers and pundits of the modern world. So, if all the dire predictions come true, how do we get out of it? Through the inspiration of a new global spiritual movement whose center is embodied in one exceptional man, The Manhattan Prophet.

It is a tale of redemption, told in a raw and vivid way, not blanching over the evil that men commit upon one another, but at the same time embracing an idea that most people find uncomfortable talking about over dinner in a serious way, because it sounds too airy-fairy. Like the past prophets of organized religion, the fictional Manhattan Prophet speaks of a coming together of people in a pious and humble, collective effort, evolving into a global rebirth of the values and human rights that are basic to any concept of utopian culture. And this message comes just in the nick of time, as civilization finds itself on the brink of total breakdown.

I believe you will find an intriguing story that is fun to read, and, gives you lots of space to think. Yes, there is a suspenseful and twisting plot, like a murder mystery, and an unlikely love story that survives against all odds, like an epic romance. And although you are projected into the future like a science fiction story, it feels very real, like the way the world feels now. And most importantly, the spiritual dimension, usually tucked away in the modern world, is placed in the forefront, and the protagonists dwell on different psychic levels as the story progresses. There are dream sequences and flashbacks that drive the story as powerfully as the dramatic action and the deep conversations between the characters. The book keeps changing from the first page to the last, and grows in pace as the action moves the story forward, all leading to a climatic and surprise conclusion.