Who is the Manhattan Prophet?

To find out, you will drop in on the world a scant forty years from now, to feel the effects of severe global warming and a limited nuclear exchange between Radical Islam and the West. Society is traumatized. Science and technology, plus religious fundamentalism have led civilization to its breaking down point. It will take a new global spiritual movement, embodied in one man like a Jesus or a Buddha, to lead us out. In this case, it’s The Manhattan Prophet.

Most importantly, The Manhattan Prophet is a story of hope and redemption. It is a futuristic novel, an action story with mystical overtones that accelerates in pace along with its twisting storyline as you draw closer to the dramatic and prophetic conclusion. It is also a love story, both human and supernatural, a fable moving through flashbacks and dream sequences, with characters intertwining themselves from out of the past and into the miraculous future.

There are four things you can always count on. Nothing stays the same . . . everything is interconnected . . . you never know
what’s going to happen next . . . and there are no limits to the
glory - -